• Hypovitaminosis E occurs more often in middle-aged people.
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In case of suspicion of the development of hypovitaminosis, the patient must be referred for a consultation with a gastroenterologist. At the initial examination, the doctor Also included in the diagnostic plan.

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The main goal of treatment is to buy trimox online for the lack of vitamins in the body. There are two ways here - either the patient's diet is normalized, or the doctor will prescribe special multivitamin complexes for him. It is possible to use trimox such complexes for the treatment of hypovitaminosis only after the appointment of the attending physician. Uncontrolled intake of these drugs can cause an overabundance of vitamins in the human body, which is also fraught with dangerous consequences.

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Based on the results of the tests received, the correct treatment plan is prescribed. Folk methods of treatment are also widely used to treat hypovitaminosis. Preference is given to vitamin drinks. Prevention of hypovitaminosis consists in a balanced diet and the use of a sufficient amount of vegetables and herbs. It is important to carry out preventive measures throughout the year. But special emphasis on the prevention of hypovitaminosis should be done precisely in the autumn-winter period. At this time, you should eat cabbage, carrots, consume fortified drinks.

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Hypovitaminosis is a deficiency in the body of one or a whole group of vitamins. The manifestations of the disease largely depend on the type of hypovitaminosis (on which vitamin is lacking), however, all types of vitamin deficiency are characterized by increased fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, and loss of appetite. Diagnosis is reduced to the correct assessment of the clinical picture, laboratory determination of the quantitative content of vitamins in the blood, hair, nails and urine. Treatment consists in introducing a sufficient amount of the missing vitamins into the diet or prescribing them in the form of tablets or injections.

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Causes of hypovitaminosis Symptoms of hypovitaminosis Diagnosis Treatment of hypovitaminosis Prognosis and prevention Prices for treatment. Hypovitaminosis or vitamin deficiency is a formidable disease that can lead to serious disturbances in the functioning of the body. In developed countries, hypovitaminosis in recent years proceed quite easily, with minimal symptoms. However, without timely treatment, this condition can turn into beriberi - the complete absence of certain vitamins, which can lead to disability and sometimes death of the patient.

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In our country, hypovitaminosis most often affects the elderly and children, while the most common deficiency of vitamins B1, B6, C. Faced with hypovitaminosis, it should be remembered that self-treatment of this condition is unacceptable, since only a specialist can accurately determine which vitamin deficiency has developed, and prescribe appropriate treatment. With unauthorized intake of one or another vitamin, hypervitaminosis can occur, which also leads to serious health problems.

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There are many reasons for the lack of vitamins, and for each of trimox pills online, this reason will be different. But there are factors common to all vitamin deficiency states. These include various conditions that lead to a lack or malabsorption of vitamins and trace elements, their increasewaste and destruction. So, the cause of hypovitaminosis can be a restriction in the diet of certain foods, the use of refined carbohydrates, polished cereals, fine flour, the exclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits, one-sided nutrition.


Violation of the ratio of essential nutrients (restriction of animal protein and fat and increased carbohydrate content) will also cause a deterioration in the absorption of vitamins. Improper storage and heat treatment of food can lead to the destruction of many useful substances in it, and with prolonged boiling, almost all vitamins are destroyed, which is why many foods cannot be frozen. It should be remembered that with severe stress, hard physical labor, in a cold climate, the need for vitamins increases by 60%.

The cause of hypovitaminosis can be serious diseases (especially of the digestive system - this disrupts the absorption of amoxicillin pills), taking certain medications (mainly antibiotics). The lack of fat-soluble vitamins develops when there is a restriction in the diet of fats. Also, one should not forget that the metabolism of vitamins and microelements in the body is closely interconnected, the lack of one vitamin can cause a violation of the metabolism of the rest.